So, how does it all work?

Free Initial Phone Conversation
During a free initial phone conversation, I will listen carefully to what you are seeking from a college consultant. I will also ask some important questions. I want to know where your student is in the college admissions process and what kind of student he or she is. I will tell you about the services offered by The College Spy and specifically how I can help you. 

Choose Your Package
Choose from one of The College Spy's packages or I will work with you to build a customized program of services to address your specific needs. 

Paperwork and Payment
I will send some initial paperwork by email to be filled out and returned. This will include questionnaires for both parent and student to provide me with the background information I need to begin working for you and your student immediately. Payment for your chosen package can be accepted by check or credit card. 

First Video Conference
Once I receive your paperwork and payment, I will schedule our first video conference. I prefer to meet with parents first as part of the process of understanding your needs and aligning my approach with your goals.

Second Video Conference
The next session is with the student. My goals in this session are to get to know the student directly and to assure that the student understands the process and is ready to engage.

Additional Meetings
Taking into consideration where the student is in the college planning process and the time available to complete our work, I will outline a schedule of additional sessions. We will collaborate to assure that the sessions are scheduled at times that are convenient for you and your student. Your package will include a specific number of sessions. Some sessions will be used to educate the student on various aspects of college admissions. Others will be “work sessions” where we will be working on specific aspects of the essay, resume, etc. Additional sessions will be scheduled to address subjects and questions identified by you as we work together. 

Between Meetings
I stay in close touch with parents and students between sessions via email or, if preferred, text. If you have a question, you do not need to wait until our next session to get an answer. Simply send a message. If the topic is easily addressed, I will quickly respond. If the topic requires a more in depth conversation, I will schedule an appointment to discuss the topic in detail.

Parent Contact
Most of my time is spent working directly with the student. However, I am diligent about keeping parents fully in the loop, summarizing the sessions and assuring that we (parent, student and college consultant) work effectively and collaboratively as a team. You are welcome to call, email or text me for an update at anytime. Each package purposely has extra time built in so you should always feel like you can reach out with questions and concerns. If you prefer to take a more hands-off approach and want me to take the ball and run with it, I will do that. My role is to assist you and your student in achieving your goals, on your schedule and in a manner that best suits your communication preferences.

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