The College Spy offers services in four standard packages and our Eleventh-Hour Package for crunch time support. Each package is designed to meet the needs of your student's stage of the admissions process. You can read more about each package below. 

Think we can help but don't see a package that fits? Contact us and we'll design a custom package for you and your student's unique situation and needs.  


Countdown to College

This is our most comprehensive package. You and your student will be guided through each step of the college admissions process. We will focus on exploring your student’s unique interests, abilities and preferences, creating a list of well researched colleges that best meet your student’s academic, personal and social needs, improving your student’s academic and extracurricular profile, and creating the strongest and most convincing application possible. Ideally, we will begin in the junior year. If you are getting a later start, we can begin at any time and meet more frequently.


Just the Applications

This package is for the student who has a solid list of colleges and needs assistance creating a strong and convincing application. It is also appropriate for students who need assistance with organization and time management or who feel overwhelmed and stressed by the process of applying to college. Typically, we will begin the summer before senior year or the fall of senior year. The earlier the better.


Planning the High School Years

This package is for ninth and tenth grade students who want to get a head start in college planning. Students who take advantage of this package are guided in identifying their unique strengths, interests and goals. We teach them how to use this information to make academic and extracurricular decisions that maximize each year of high school. 


College Essay

This package is for the student who only needs essay assistance. Your student will learn how to write a college essay, what colleges are looking for, and what to avoid. We will brainstorm topics, edit and revise the essay until we have a polished document that tells a unique story about your student.