Expertise, dedication and genuine concern.

The College Spy offers expert college admissions advice that is personalized for your student. We assist students with:

  • Understanding educational and personal goals.

  • Identifying colleges that match interests and abilities.

  • Developing a strong and convincing application package that expresses your student’s unique story.

We offer our services in an e-advising format. We communicate with our clients by video conference, phone, text and email. We are available when and how you are in order to maximize the use of your time and assure the best possible outcomes despite busy student and parent schedules.

We are here to help your student pick the right college and get in.


College selection is possibly the most important academic and social decision you will help your student make.

You are an expert in many things . . . college admissions just isn't one of them.

Michelle McAnaney, founder of The College Spy, has more than 20 years of experience as an academic advisor, guidance counselor and educator. 

She will be your student's tireless advocate, researcher and sounding board. 

We offer three packages, each designed to meet the needs of student at a different phase of the admissions process. 

We can also work with you to customize a curriculum for your student.


What our clients are saying:

What struck me most is that Michelle takes time to know a student’s needs, not only in the academics, but also personally and socially.
— S.P.
With your help I was able to make this huge decision with confidence and I found the perfect school for me.
— M.P.