The College Essay Package

Recommended years:
•    Junior and senior years.
•    Can begin anytime from January of junior year through January of senior year.

•    Up to 6 video conferencing sessions (45 minutes to 1 hour).
•    Offline editing.
•    Four free hours of virtual private tutoring with Revolution Prep. Can be used for SAT/ACT preparation or any academic subject.

Goals and Outcomes:
•    Produce a strongly written college essay.

•    Learn what colleges are looking for in the essay.
•    Guided brainstorming sessions to identify essay topics. 
•    Learn how college essays are different from English class essays.
•    Editing and revising.
•    Candid and specific feedback.

*This package is also a part of our comprehensive Countdown to College Package. If you purchase this package and then choose to upgrade to the Countdown to College Package the cost of this package will be credited toward your purchase of the Countdown to College Package.