The Countdown to College Package


Recommended years:
•    Junior and senior years.
•    Can begin anytime from the summer before 11th grade through the fall of senior year.

•    Up to 25 video conference sessions (45 min to 1 hr). 12 sessions will be planned by the educational consultant.  The remaining   sessions can be scheduled by the consultant, parent or student as needed.
•    Phone calls as needed.
•    Research, email and text time.
•    Myers-Briggs Type Indicator personality assessment and interpretation.
•    Access to College Planner Pro online college research, planning and organizational tools.
•    Four free hours of virtual private tutoring with Revolution Prep. Can be used for SAT/ACT prep or any academic subject.

Goals and Outcomes:
•    Explore the student’s unique interests, needs, goals, preferences and abilities as they pertain to college planning.
•    Create a list of well researched colleges that best meet the academic, personal and social needs of the student.
•    Improve academic/extracurricular profile.
•    Create the strongest application possible.

This package will be tailored to the specific needs and preferences of each student and family. The following is a list of services included in a “typical” Countdown to College package.
•    Identification of interests and educational priorities.
•    Thorough college research culminating in a list of “best match” colleges.
•    Up to date knowledge of trends in college admissions and how they relate to your family’s circumstances.
•    Review of academic record.
•    Advice on course selection.
•    Standardized testing recommendations.
•    Extracurricular activities planning (including valuable summer experiences).
•    Create and update an activities resume.
•    Advice regarding effective college visits.
•    Review of the financial aid process.
•    Essay assistance (this package includes our full College Essay Package).
•    Recommendation letter strategies.
•    Interview strategies.
•    Comprehensive review of applications prior to submission.
•    Action plan for completing applications.
•    Timing and tasks action plan; motivation and encouragement in completing applications.
•    Assistance in determining final college choice.
•    Support and counseling to minimize stress.